Step outside the dumpster . . . 
           . . . and into a Bag! 
What's a LOAD-a-Bag. . .
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. . . Your Closeable, Dumpster Alternative, Waste Disposal Bag.

This convenient, portable, heavy duty, all-purpose 1.5 cubic yard bag is strong enough to withstand 3000 lbs. of load weight! 

The compact bag is easily stored and transported, and is perfect for. . .

Debris Containment and Removal (Dumpster Alternative)

        Great for trash, garbage, junk, debris, yard waste, dirt & recycled goods
        Debris containment for situations that don't require a standard dumpster
        Provides containment for jobs with space constraints
        Offers multiple debris containment sites for large jobs
        Final cleanup of debris upon job completion
Spring cleanup of debris left during winter jobs
Better than Dumpsters or Dumping Trailers:
    Bring container to the trash, not trash to the container (when possible)        
    No dumpster damaging the property!
    Reduced chance of "dumping" by others
    Show up to the job with your own trash container!
    No permits 
        Allows for separation of waste materials on site 
        (construction, trash, scrap metals, etc.)
        Bags can be hauled in a pickup truck and brought to a Landfill or 
        Transfer Station for disposal
        Bags can be picked up by certain independent disposal companies
"Green" Product (Reduces emissions from multiple trips by dumpster co.)

                     Storage or Transportation of Goods

Store or transport seasonal items, recreational equipment, hunting supplies, compost, leaves, brush, mulch, tree and yard waste, wood, paper, scrap, construction debris, roofing, siding, windows, glass, recycle materials, etc.    
       Secure miscellaneous tools and materials during transport in the back of vehicle or trailer.
                                Also . . .
    Use Load-a-Bag® when "wrapping" oversized gifts, moving, organizing, etc.
    The uses for Load-a-Bag® are endless!

Click on Photo to see a 
of roofing shingles in a
® being picked up
over a fence
You can't do this with a dumpster!

Load-a-Bag® used for
 landscape mulch and
brush cleanup.