Step outside the dumpster . . . 
           . . . and into a Bag! 

Waste Management  Disposal A Portable Dumpster Alternative

     Convenient 1.5 cubic yard bag that holds 3000 lbs of trash or waste:  
  construction debris (windows, approx. 7sq vinyl siding, 6sq roofing shingles,  etc.), household  garbage or junk, yard waste, concrete, dirt, gravel, asphalt, etc.

Transportation  Storage A Closeable Secure Container
     Closeable, heavy duty bag for trash or waste, sand, gravel, salt, mulch, landscape materials, household goods, sporting or hunting gear, boat toys, etc.

Based in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, MN, Practical Product Sales, LLC, is the wholesale manufacturer and distributor of LOAD-a-Bag®, the closable all purpose bag - a heavy duty, oversized, portable, dumpster alternative.  This durable dumpster-like bag is the easy to use solution to numerous problems experienced by the contractor, homeowner, governmental agency, or business.  Whether you are looking for a heavy duty contractor bag, an oversized trash bag, or a durable storage bag, Load-a-Bag® is perfect!  The convenient and light weight "dumpster bag" forms a small tub or bin sized mini dumpster or container, suitable for storage, transportation, or disposal of: trash, garbage, waste, junk, construction debris (roofing shingles, wood waste, siding, windows, bathroom remodel demolition waste, metal, broken up concrete, asphalt, etc.), source separation of materials, recycling, yard waste, dirt, leaves, aggregate materials, household trash, storage items, hunting supplies, etc.  

The idea of using a flexible light weight bag that can perform like a steel dumpster is changing the way people get rid of trash.  Load-a-Bag
® gives users more control of the garbage removal process. dumpster rental Boston MA

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  It also provides distributors and waste removal companies with a new and unique product and service to offer their customers - helping them stand out from the competition and increase profits.   

Walk through the web site to learn about ways to use Load-a-Bag®, where to buy the bags, and how to find pick up service companies for removal of your
 (when used for trash or other waste management purposes). 

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Practical Product Sales, LLC
16038 Jarvis Street Northwest
Elk River, Minnesota 55330

763.633.BAGS (2247)


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